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  • This incredible adventure will transport you through China and Japan taking in some truly amazing sights and experiences from the Great Wall to the Terracotta Warriors to dazzling downtown Tokyo!

Most people spend their lives reading about different continents and cultures without having the opportunity to experience them first hand. Embark on your own journey and give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in an entirely different way of living. Gain knowledge about countries and their traditions and transfer your experiences into valuable skills that you can apply to both your career development and personal life.


Step one Fly to Beijing

The Unleashed in the East Go Gap package kicks off with a flight from London Stansted to Beijing. Start your trip in style with a free airport lounge pass courtesy of Escape before flying with Emirates by way of Dubai to China s ancient capital of Beijing.

Step two Beijing and surrounds

If you choose to arrive a couple of days early in Beijing ahead of joining your first organised tour you can spend some time finding your feet and exploring the city at your own pace. You might find a sprawling street market to sample the weird and wonderful food on offer explore the beautiful grounds of the Summer Palace before taking a boat tour to Beijing Zoo to see the pandas. The choice is yours.

Step four Shanghai and surrounds

Now you have plenty of free time to explore Shanghai at your own pace. The main draw is the towering science fiction skyline across the Bund River packed with insanely tall skyscrapers. Climb the Shanghai Tower the second tallest building in the world for unparalleled views of one of the largest cities in the world.

Step five Fly to Tokyo

When you re finished in Shanghai it s time to fly to the next city on your itinerary Tokyo! This only takes around four hours giving you plenty of time to catch your breath before arriving in Japan s capital city.

Step six Tokyo and surrounds

Arriving in Tokyo a day or two before your next organised tour of the trip gives you a chance to adjust to the energetic pace of this incredible city. Explore the streets seek out all the delicious food and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Step eight Fly to London Stansted

Your time of being unleashed in the East has come to an end and all that s left is to fly back to London Stansted giving you plenty of time to rest and recuperate before land back home.

Step three 12 day Best of China tour

Mix the bustle of China s metropolises with the tranquility of rural life on a 12 day adventure. Explore hidden corners of Beijing s Forbidden City. Cycle along ancient city walls and learn about Xi an s famed terracotta soldiers. Enjoy a paddle on the gorgeous Li River. Along the way discover how China s many contrasts make it one of the world s most intriguing places.

Step seven 14 day Discover Japan tour

From the towers and gadgets of Tokyo to the serenity of sacred shrines and the soaring beauty of Mt Fuji this tour provides the perfect blend of guided excursions and free time to explore this fascinating region at your own pace. Linger in the gardens of Kyoto shoot through the mountain air on a Shinkansen bullet train and stay in a traditional ryokan for the ultimate in Japanese luxury.

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24 nights shared accommodation


17 meals included


Small coach + walking

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Flying exclusively from Stansted Airport our Go-Gap Adventures are designed with the young traveller in mind. The sample itineraries are designed to inspire travel with a combination of touring experiences and plenty of free to time to make your own plans.


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