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The year was 1988… While most of the world wasted their time dreaming of hoverboard-mounted lasers, joining wild pyramid schemes and listening to Milli Vanilli, two mates from Melbourne spurned these distractions and instead turned their youthful, entrepreneurial beards toward the thing they loved the most – travel.


  • Learn about First Nations Wardandi culture with a didgeridoo session in Ngilgi Cave, native food tasting, a bush medicine lesson and traditional fire lighting demonstration.
  • Wildlife-lovers, this one's for you! Get the chance to swim with wild sea lions and dolphins off the Eyre Peninsula and camp in the bush among kangaroos and kookaburras.
  • Take guided hikes through Australia’s most captivating landscapes like the Porongurups, Flinders Ranges, Cape Le Grande National Park and the Stirling Ranges.
  • Spend a day winery-hopping around the Margaret River region, sampling local food and drink in boutique wineries, breweries, a chocolate factory and a cheese factory.
  • Camp in the tranquil and remote Cape Le Grand National Park and wake up to the sight of kangaroos sunbathing outside your tent.

Hit the road on a uniquely Australian adventure from Adelaide to Perth and encounter native Australian wildlife up close. Vast, rugged and beautiful, we think the best way to experience Australia is camping under the immense southern skies and road-tripping through incredible scenery. Spot kangaroos, wombats, emus and rare birds in remote national parks and enjoy stunning bush scenery on an adventure across the epic Nullabor Plain and Stirling Ranges into Western Australia’s wine country. This ten-day tour is perfect for international and local travellers who want an immersive journey through the wild landscapes of Australia's south coast.


Day 1: Adelaide — Flinders Ranges National Park

Meet your leader and group this morning at 6.30 am sharp, then hit the road headed north. Stop at Clare for a coffee before continuing to the ancient Southern Flinders Ranges. So unique are the fossils found in this landscape, geologists had to revise the geologic time-line of the Earth’s history, identifying a new era called the Ediacaran period! Take a hike to Alligator Gorge, enjoy lunch in the great outdoors and then continue to Warren Gorge.

Day 2: Eyre Peninsula – Coodlie Park

Embrace an early start this morning and head to the wild and beautiful Eyre Peninsula, one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. See some unique outback silo art in the tiny town of Kimba and after a quick pit stop for lunch, it’s time to head to the coast to explore the Talia Caves. Continue to the Lake Newland sand dunes. Here, you can choose to get your heart pumping with some sandboarding, or relax and admire the views. In the afternoon, continue to Coodlie Park Farm Retreat. This working farm has traditional cropping, sheep and a project of tree planting on their own land to offset their own carbon emissions.

Day 3: Baird Bay – Penong

This morning, continue driving along the coast, stopping at a remote and pristine beach. Here, you can choose to partake in a beginner’s surfing lesson. Those not wanting to surf will be able to relax, swim or explore Sceale Bay while the others test their skills. There’s also an opportunity today to enjoy the unique chance to swim with wild dolphins and sea lions in Baird Bay. This incredible optional activity involves a 4-hour boat cruise to find local pods to swim and snorkel with. If you’re interested in this, please speak to an intrepid booking agent before your trip begins. If you’d rather stay on land, don’t worry, you’ll head to Point Labatt Conservation Park, the only place on the mainland where Australian seal pups can be seen learning to swim, play and rest on the beach.

Day 4: The Nullabor – Eucla

Spend the day driving across the mighty Nullarbor Plain, with plenty of stops along the way to stretch your legs, sightsee and snap photos. Crossing the Nullarbor has become a rite of passage for backpackers and offers a quintessential experience of the Australian Outback. Take a snap with the world famous wombat, kangaroo and camel road sign, see jaw dropping scenery at the longest continuous cliff coastline in the Southern Hemisphere, admire the spectacular Bunda Cliffs or ‘Edge of Australia’, stop at the iconic Nullarbor Roadhouse, explore the ruins of an old telegraph station and, finally, cross the border into WA. Your entertainment at camp tonight? The celestial sphere.

Day 5: Cape Le Grand National Park

Embrace another early start this morning to continue the adventure across the Nullarbor. Stop at Caiguna Blowhole for some free air conditioning from the ocean, then as well as the small town of Balladonia, where the Skylab space station fell to earth in the 1970s. After lunch, continue the drive to Esperance, which may seem like a bustling metropolis after a couple of days in the outback. Set up camp in the spectacular Cape Le Grand National Park.

Day 6: Cape Le Grand National Park

Wake up to views of crystal clear waters, powdery white sands, expansive granite bluffs and sunbathing kangaroos, AKA heaven. Spend the day exploring this incredible national park on guided walks, swims in transparent waters and sunbathing on white sands.

Day 7: Cape Le Grande National Park – Stirling Ranges

Head down to the beach nice and early to make friends with some of the local kangaroos, then take a guided hike to Frenchman’s Peak for views over Cape Le Grand and the Recherche Archipelago. Drive along the Great Ocean Road to Mount Trio in the Stirling Ranges, with a stop en route at Lucky Bay for lunch.

Day 8: South West Coast (Stirling Ranges)

Rise and shine for a 2-hour hike to the oldest mountain range in the world, the unique Porongurups which rise from the landscape like an island. During the hike you’ll walk through some spectacular forests to Castle Rock, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views. After the hike, hit the road again to the coast and travel past sun-bleached boulders, turquoise seas and dramatic red-rock cliffs shaped by eons of crashing waves and rolling tides. Make stops at the Gap, Natural Bridge, Elephant Rocks, Green Pool for a swim and, finally, the largest Tingle Tree in Western Australia.

Day 9: Margaret River

Visit the Diamond Tree for an early morning walk, then head to the Margaret River region to spend the rest of the day winery-hopping. Visit boutique wineries, breweries, a chocolate factory and a cheese factory, sampling as you go. Cheers to that!

Day 10: Margaret River – Perth

Wake to the now-familiar warble of kookaburras and cockatoos and hit the road to Dunsborough for a unique First Nations experience. Meet Wardandi custodian Josh, who will introduce you to his culture with immersive experiences like a didgeridoo session in Ngilgi Cave, native food tasting, a bush medicine lesson and traditional fire lighting demonstration. Have a final group lunch and swim at Busselton, then continue to Perth. Your trip ends on arrival at 6 pm.

What’s Included


Your tour includes meal as indicated in our brochure and online. You will be provided with delicious, healthy meals featuring fresh ingredients, gourmet salads and local flavours. Please make sure you advise us of any special dietary requirements well prior to travelling and we will endeavour to do our best to cater to them.Our tours are activity and participation based. During your travels with us you will have the opportunity to assist with daily activities such as setting up camp, collecting firewood, helping prepare meals and clearing dishes. None of this is difficult however many hands make light work and any assistance provided to crew is always much appreciated. Most people agree that this type of activity helps you feel like less of a tourist and more of an explorer. DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: Passengers with special dietary requirements or food allergies MUST ensure they or their travel agent inform Intrepid/ATA at the time of booking. Food for the trip is purchased prior to the start of the trip and special requirements cannot be catered for after departing Darwin. If you have not notified us prior to departure, you may be asked to pay for any additional food yourself. Due to the nature of our trips, food is basic but plentiful. We provide the below substitutes, please bring your own staples if you require specific foods not listed below: No Pork (Ham alternative provided) No Dairy (soy milk provided) Vegetarian (additional veg and veg burgers provided) Vegan (supply of additional fruit and veg provided) Gluten Free (cereal, bread, wraps, pasta, snack bars, sweet and savoury biscuits provided) *Unfortunately religious dietary requirements and specifically prepared/sourced produce are generally unable to be catered for on these remote trips.


PARTICIPATORY CAMPING: To participate in this trip you must be prepared to assist with preparing meals, cleaning dishes, collecting firewood, setting up and packing up camp every day, in all conditions. This trip is BASIX swag camping. Swags are 'Aussie Bed Rolls' made from sturdy canvas with a mattress built into the swag. We also carry 3 person dome tents which are shared by 2 people. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag for this trip. Please also provide your own pillow if you wish. Camping locations may vary depending on weather and conditions. Night 1: Warren Gorge - swag camping. Toilet facilities, no showers Night 2: Coodlie Park Bush camp - swag camping. Toilet facilities, solar powered showers Night 3: Shelly Beach Campground. Swag camping. Basic toilet and shower facilities Night 4: The Nullarbor - swag camping. No toilet or shower facilities Night 5: Cape Le Grand National Park. - swag camping. Toilet facilities, solar powered showers Night 6: Cape Le Grand National Park. - swag camping. Toilet facilities, solar powered showers Night 7: The Stirling Ranges - swag camping. Basic toilet and shower facilities available Night 8: Shannon's National Park - swag camping. Toilet facilities, solar powered showers Night 9: Big Valley Campground - swag camping. Basic toilet and shower facilities. FINISH TIMES: Our trips generally finish early evening. We recommend booking one night post accommodation in your end city and planning onward travel for the following day. We cannot accept responsibility for missed onward travel if we are delayed for some reason on the last day of travel.


DRIVING DISTANCES IN AUSTRALIA Australia is a BIG country! In fact, the whole of Europe fits into Australia with plenty of room to spare. Australia has a total land area of 7,706,168 sq km, and the coastline spans a massive 15,049km. Here in Australia we're used to driving long distances on holiday, but you may not be. Take for example, our 10 day Perth to Broome trip will see you travelling about the length of Portugal. Driving from Alice Springs to Darwin is about the length of the UK, and our 10 day Perth to Adelaide trip is about the same distance from Spain to Poland. Yep, it's a big country! However, that's why we think seeing Australia from the ground is better. We live in a country that has it all; stunning coastline and beaches, the outback, tropical rainforests, and some seriously amazing landscapes and wildlife. Whilst you may spend some days in the vehicle a little longer than others getting to the next destination, we think it's worth it! From October to March it is likely that you will experience temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius, and sometimes well into the 40’s. Be prepared to endure extra physical stress due to the heat at these times, especially while on walks. These extreme temperatures can also place stress on the air-conditioning units within our vehicles which can make travelling uncomfortable. Your tour guide will assist with regular breaks and information to assist keeping hydrated. In July and August, very cold temperatures can be experienced both in the outback and along the coast, especially overnight. Please come prepared for all extremes.


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